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Manifestation: Overview of the Core Elements (Self-Paced Online) $55

Want a basic understanding of what manifestation is all about and what the core elements are to successful manifestation? Or are you seasoned at manifesting and want to add to your practice?
Then Manifestation: The Core Elements self-paced online course is the perfect course for you!
Discover the key principles that make manifestation work and gain insights into leveraging universal laws like the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration to manifest your dreams.

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Mastering Manifestation (Self-paced Online) $111

You will dive into the core principles of manifestation, empowering you to manifest your dreams and goals into reality. Discover how to leverage the Laws of the Universe and lay the critical groundwork for successful manifestation.This comprehensive program combines 3+ hours of self-paced content with a comprehensive workbook filled with advanced coaching exercises to guide you on your manifestation journey!

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Manifestation Masterclass (Self Paced Online + Live Group Coaching) $444

Join Jeanine Colavito in the ultimate Manifestation Masterclass! Whether you're new to manifestation or seeking to enhance your skills, this Masterclass is your personalized gateway to a fulfilling life of abundance and purpose. Through a 3+ hour self-paced online course, you'll explore the principles of the Law of Attraction and the 12 Laws of the Universe. Gain clarity on your goals, conquer limiting beliefs, and receive personalized support with 4 Hours of Live Group Coaching, and advanced coaching exercises and have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals as you learn valuable insights and techniques to manifest your dreams.

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Tailored Manifestation Statement Review $55

Are you struggling to manifest your dreams and desires into reality? Unsure if your manifestation statement is as effective as it could be? Let Jeanine Colavito, Intuitive Life and Manifestation Coach, provide you with 1:1 support through valuable insights you need to supercharge your manifestation journey!

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Book Now Available!
"Get What You Want" 
by Jeanine Dolan Colavito

Unveil the Power of Manifestation! Join me on a transformative journey as we decode the art of manifestation. From beginner to seasoned seeker, this book bridges the gap between your desires and reality. Dive into the core principles, conquer obstacles, and align with your dreams. Unlock your potential and co-create a life you love. Are you ready to embrace your power? Let's manifest the extraordinary together.

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Not Sure which Manifestation Course is best for you? Check out this video!